Monday, June 16, 2008

Some more random thoughts and unsolicited endorsements

While I wait for my Palm Pilot to soft-reset so I can try to reinstall my screwed-up password-storing software:
  • Spray-on suntan lotion may be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Especially for a person like me who burns easily.
  • Firefox might be even better than sliced bread. Can't wait for Version 3 to come out. The many add-ons for Firefox are awesome, and I can even install them on my work computer without having administrator privileges on my machine. I'm running the add-on, 1-click Weather, Abduction, Copy Link Text, FireShot, GMail Space, Scrapbook, ScribeFire, and as of today, TwitterFox. Why did I wait so long to switch from Internet Explorer?
  • Google Reader is up there with Firefox. Almost as good as Google Reader is Google Notebook. I am just now starting to make use of Google Documents and Google Sites.
  • Apple needs to stop trying to sneak its Safari browser onto my PC when I update my iPod software. No fair. I thought better of you, Apple.
  • I would be willing to make more use of iGoogle if it loaded faster. What gives?


Oval Team said...

Be careful what you wish for, in terms of Firefox 3... I downloaded a Beta version, and none of my Add-Ons worked anymore. They only work on Firefox 2... I had to uninstall it and go back to the old one... (And I didn't see much difference, in the short time I had it.)

JP said...

Well, shoot, I didn't understand that until now. Then I guess I will have to wait until they have improved the Add-ons to go with Firefox 3 before I switch to Firefox 3.

Have you tried FireShot or Abduction, two add-ons that let you save screen shots of a Web page? I think these would be two good add-ons for journalists, in case they have to write about newsworthy people who have posted interesting or controversial photos or statements on their MySpace pages. I can think of at least one instance in which you and I could have used such in a story we were running.