Monday, August 11, 2008

Smallest fish in Harpeth River caught by world's worst angler

Had a good time fishing with Miss Anne and Warren and their friend Tony at Newsom's Mill in Bellevue yesterday.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I (heart) Skip

He spoke with a voice that reached across the miles and enlightened countless thousands.

He educated and inspired untold scores of followers.

His passing is a great loss.

Solzhenitsyn? Heavens, no. I'm talking about Skip Caray.

I cannot believe I will never turn on another TV or radio and hear him call another Braves game.

His voice is an integral part in one of my most cherished childhood memories, watching the Braves on TV with my grandfather on hot-humid summer nights, him in the easy chair and me laying on the carpeted floor, with the windows up on the screen doors to my grandparents' house and the ceiling fan going, but never fast enough to actually cool the room off.

I remember when the Braves would play the Cubs and you could flip the TV back and forth and hear both Skip and his father call the same game.

I remember all those games, year after year after year, when the Braves were so bad that if the opposing team failed to show up at the ballpark, they'd still manage to find a way to lose.

I remember him yelling "Braves win! Braves win!" when we finally won the World Series.

I was an unabashed fan. I will miss Skip Caray. My prayers are with his family.