Saturday, December 8, 2007

Here, have a Stage Plank

Driving back to Nashville after Thanksgiving, I pulled in to a little gas station in north Georgia to fill up my tank and get a Coke, and instead wound up making quite a find: Uncle Al's Stage Planks. I hadn't had a Stage Plank in a zillion years. They're pink-frosted gingerbread-y cookies, big and flat. I remember getting them from the convenience store in Warrenton where I used to work.

Via Google, I noticed a blogger in Savannah described Uncle Al's Stage Planks recently as "frightening." Respectfully, this is undeserved. However, the gas station where I found the Stage Planks was also sellling barbecued fatback as a snack. Now, that's frightening. (You can read more about people like me who enjoy a quality Stage Plank on this message board.)