Friday, May 16, 2008

'Can we not see eye to eye?'

Picture is of reporter Jaime Sarrio fulfilling the time-honored tradition of covering the Forum Banquet.
UPDATE: I should point out that the speaker whom Jaime is interviewing in this picture is frequent letter-writer and previous Forum Banquet honoree Phil Michal Thomas.


Oval Team said...

The tradition, of course, is to have the NEW REPORTERS cover the banquet, and Jaime does not qualify. I assume the other mikes are being staffed by Jennifer Justus and Theo Emery and Pulitzer Prize winner Wendell Rawls Jr.?

JP said...

Yes, that is the tradition, but Jaime (whose name I misspelled in that post -- sorry) was mostly covering the speech by Mayor Dean, who talked a good bit about education issues, and I think her expertise was quite useful.

Oval Team said...

So who worked the mikes?