Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Why is it so hard to find this stuff?

+ Cinnamon Altoids. Is it just me, or have a lot of stores stopped selling the cinnamon flavor in favor of the dark chocolate dipped Altoids? I think it's true. I hate dark chocolate. And I hate peppermint Altoids. I looked far and wide for the cinnamon flavor, but found them only in the candy aisle at my local Walgreen's.

+ Women's jeans that aren't skin tight or low-rise. I can understand that trends come and go, but is it really necessary for all the major stores to get rid of all the clothes that don't fit the trend, as though shoppers don't want anything that's not trendy?

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

I too have noticed that my favorite altoid flavor has gone missing... It makes me very sad. :(

JP said...

Walgreens does have a good selection. Try them if you have one in your town. And thanks for reading! -- JP